The Importance Of Having A Divorce Lawyer Defend Your Rights In Court

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If you are facing a substantial amount of legal backlash from the person who soon will be your ex-spouse, you will benefit from hiring an attorney who focuses primarily on supporting an individual's legal rights in divorce and related issues, such as Marberry Law Firm, P.C. If this describes your circumstances, contact a law firm with experienced divorce lawyers on the staff for assistance.  


A skilled and experienced lawyer can help a great deal to resolve contentious matters in your favor, even if that seems impossible now.

Some aspects are set forth by state law and thus are straightforward. Your state, for instance, may require an equal division of assets when the marriage ends. 

However, other factors also come into play. You and your spouse may have set up a premarital agreement that protects assets you owned before the marriage, but now his or her lawyer may be attacking that agreement. Having an attorney fight for your own rights is essential. 

For example, if your agreement protects a house you owned before marriage, but the two of you had significant remodeling work done on the place after marriage, your spouse may attempt to declare the premarital arrangement invalid. 


Usually, any debt that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage will be divided equally, even if one or the other of you is mainly responsible for the situation.

A lawyer can help if your spouse indulged in deceitful behavior. For instance, your spouse may have run up a large amount of credit card debt while your marriage was deteriorating, knowing that you would be legally responsible for paying half of it. Your lawyer will work to make sure you are not held responsible for that debt.

Child Custody & Visitation

Your attorney will be entirely familiar with state laws regarding child custody and visitation as well as how the judicial system is encouraged to act.

Some states, for instance, strongly encourage a dual-parenting arrangement that guarantees the noncustodial parent a significant amount of visitation time. That is advantageous for you if your spouse is threatening to block your attempts at visitation. However, you'll need a lawyer to stand up for your rights in court and neutralize attacks on your character or other factors. 

Concluding Thoughts

Without the right attorney for your circumstances, you stand to lose money as well as time with your children. Contact a divorce lawyer today for a consultation and learn how you can proceed through this difficult time. 


13 January 2015

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