Did You Lose A Child To Medical Malpractice? Learn How The Physician Can Be Held Liable


Taking medication can be dangerous if incorrectly prescribed, especially for small children. If you lost a child due to a physician prescribing the wrong prescription, you may be able to sue for wrongful death. Below, learn how a physician can be held liable if medical malpractice is found to be the cause of your child's death.

How Can a Physician Be Held Liable for a Child's Death?

The health condition you child was being treated for will be the focal point of a wrongful death lawsuit. You will need to hire a wrongful death attorney to research the condition and find out the type of treatment that is commonly used for it. He or she will also be able to do research on the type of medication that was prescribed by the physician. Even if the right type of medication was prescribed but in the wrong dosage for your child's body size, the physician can be held reliable for the death.

Another focus for the lawsuit will be determining if other patients have had the same experience after getting treated by the physician. Although medical malpractice often leads to a physician's license getting revoked or suspended, it does not mean your child's physician is innocent simply because he or she is still practicing medicine. It may be that other victims of his or her malpractice never took the steps to file a lawsuit.

Make sure your child's medical records are available to be handed to the lawyer. He or she can also get a copy on your behalf with your signature on a medial release form. After thoroughly investigating the physician and your child's health history, your lawyer will file a petition with the court to get the lawsuit started.

How Much Does a Wrongful Death Lawyer Charge?

If the case is settled in court, you can expect to pay a lawyer a minimum of 20% of what you win. Most lawyer working lawsuits that they are confident about will not charge any money unless the case is successful. However, a complicated lawsuit can end up racking up fees that are over $100,000 along with the average 20% of what is won.

Make sure your child will receive just for his or her death. Money can't bring your loved one back, but it can give you a peace of mind that you did all you can to make sure the physician won't cause harm to another patient. Consult with a wrongful death attorney to learn your rights and what you can sue for!


28 January 2015

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