Is Your Mental Health Disorder Preventing You From Working? What To Know To Get Social Security

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If you have been dealing with mental health issues for many years and you can't hold down a steady job because of it, you may want to apply for social security or disability to help aid your finances. About 35 percent of the people receiving disability benefits are labeled as having a mental health condition that prevents them from working, and this could be you.

If you are unsure how to start the process or what needs to be done, you need to contact a lawyer. A lawyer can help you get the application process started, and you'll want to bring the following things to your first consultation.

Proof of Past Employment Fails

Bring proof that you have tried to work a variety of jobs, but that all of your employment opportunities came to an end because of your mental health complications. If you can show the dates that you worked, how much you made, and what mental health episodes made it difficult to hold the job, it shows that you put forth all the effort you could to get the job done.

Medical Records with Mental Health Diagnosis

Your mental health physicians should have diagnosed your condition as a mental health disorder. You should have paperwork from the office that shows the diagnosis, and you should be able to show proof that you are on medications and receiving treatment for the problems. Your lawyer may want you to undergo an additional mental health evaluation for the application.

Proof of Financial Need

You have to show that you aren't capable of supporting yourself without any type of financial assistance, and that you need social security or some type of disability compensation to survive. If you have no money in savings, you don't have a spouse with enough income to support you both, and no way to make money, it shouldn't be hard to show that you need the financial help.

When you meet with your lawyer they will look over your information and can determine if you will qualify for the aid that you're looking for. Find a social security and disability specialist so you know that your lawyer has experience filing the application and getting you awarded the aid that you need. Mental health disorders can be just as debilitating as a physical disability, and if you can't work you have the right to get financial assistance to survive. To learn more, speak with someone like Ball & Ferrari.


31 March 2016

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