Three Ways A Law Firm Can Safeguard Your Assets Outside Of A Court Situation

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When you think of lawyers and law firms, you might immediately think of going to court and needing representation. The thing is, there are plenty of other useful things that law firms can do to help protect your assets and also keep you out of expensive legal trouble. Here are three things law firms can help you with outside of court and hopefully save you money down the line.

1. Drawing Up and Reviewing Wills

If you have recently lost a loved one, the hope is they had a will that was vetted and clear in whom beneficiaries are. If this wasn't the case, involving a law firm to help review documents that might be out-of-date or partially valid is key. Even if a will is clear, it is still a good idea to go through a law firm to have a third party discuss outcomes with the family. This doesn't have to be left to the primary executor to do on their own during a highly emotional time. Having your own will reviewed by a law firm can help save your loved ones grief down the line if this is clear and easy to review when needed.

2. Tricky Real Estate

There are a few times that acquiring real estate might benefit from the review of a lawyer. This can involve cases such as purchasing real estate outside of state, acquiring real estate from a deceased family member, and setting up or dissolving trusts around properties. While some paperwork and documentation can be done on your own, involving a law firm to review and submit paperwork can ensure this is all done correctly and above board.

3. Reviewing Settlement Offers

If you have been offered an insurance payout for personal injury or worker's comp, you might just want reassurance that a settlement is fair. Having a law firm review settlements on the table for you can be helpful for various reasons. This will ensure that settlements offered will protect you financially for lost wages, medical bills, and time to heal. This will also show those paying you out that you are serious and won't be pushed around by lowball settlements.

There are plenty of business and legal-related matters that one can try to deal with on their own. Sometimes it is best to involve a professional to ensure that everything is in order and the right documents are drawn up and filed. Even if hiring in a law firm, like, to assist with legal matters outside of court can cost you up front, this can be a money saver down the line by ensuring you are handling legal matter correctly.


10 May 2016

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