What To Do If You Are Not Being Paid For All Of The Hours That You Are Working

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If you're an hourly employee, the process of working and getting paid is supposed to be simple. You might expect that you will clock in on a time clock or that you will sign in on a sign in sheet, and you might assume that you will automatically be paid for all of the hours that you have worked. However, sometimes it just is not that simple. Some employers attempt to get over on their employees by "forcing" them to work extra hours that they will not be paid for. These are a few steps that you can take if this is happening to you.

1. Document All Extra Hours Worked

Before you can fight to be paid for all of the hours that you have put in, you will obviously need to know just how many hours it is that you aren't being paid for. Keep a written log of the hours that you work each week, and check this number against your paycheck. If you have additional documentation in regards to the hours that you have worked, such as receipts from logging in and out of the point-of-sale system, make sure that you hold on to this documentation, too.

2. Document Conversations About Extra Hours Worked

Along with keeping track of any hours that you might have worked, you will also want to document any conversations that you might have had with your employer or manager about these hours. Save text messages and emails, for example, that might suggest that you put in a few hours "off the clock." Showing this documentation will help you prove that your employer did, in fact, ask you to come in to work for these extra hours and can help prove that he or she did not want to pay you for these hours.

3. Hire an Employment Lawyer

Handling this type of situation on your own can be challenging, particularly if you aren't experienced in the area of employment law. This is why it can be smart to take any evidence and documentation that you have to an employment lawyer, who can help you with each step of fighting this type of case.

If your employer has been asking you to work extra hours but has not been willing to pay you properly for these hours, you shouldn't take the situation sitting down. Instead, follow these steps to ensure that your rights are protected.

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19 July 2016

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