Help! Can You Get Child Support From Someone In Another Country?

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You've split from your partner and now they've moved to another country. Does this mean you won't see a penny of child support? Is it possible for them to completely avoid the payment or can you do something about it? Here is all you need to know about child support when parents are in different countries.

It Depends on the Country the Other Parent Is In

Don't lose hope yet. The enforcement of the agreement will depend on the country your ex-spouse has moved to. The United States has agreements with a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Norway. If your ex-spouse is in any of these, the governmental bodies in both countries can work together to ensure payment.

If your spouse is in a country not with an agreement with the United States, it will be much harder to enforce orders. It is still possible, but it takes time and effort. You will need to hire a lawyer to help with this.

It Depends on the State You Are In

While America may not have an agreement with the country, your current state may. It is possible to ask your state to help work with the country to get the child support payments you are due. This will work similarly to the above option.

If there isn't an agreement, it is time to work with a lawyer. In most cases, child support agencies can't help you, but a good international lawyer can.

It Depends on the Other Parent's Employer/Business

There are times that the other parent will reside in a different country to where their business is located. When this is the case, you can ask the child support agency to work through the business instead. The same applies if the parent's employer is in the United States with a U.S. office.

Your options will be much more limited here than if you went through the parental route. It is possible to withhold income, though.

This also applies if your ex has assets in the United States. The withholding can be placed directly on the assets to encourage your ex to pay up.

The other parent being out of the country doesn't mean you won't see a penny of child support. It will depend on factors like where you live and where your ex-spouse resides. Take your time to hire someone who is well-versed in these situations to help ensure your child gets the money he/she deserves. Contact a business, such as Healy and Svoren Attorneys at Law, for more information.   


2 August 2016

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