3 Ways To Get Your Disability Insurance Claim Approved Faster

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Disability insurance is protection you pay for that allows you to have coverage and the "income" you need should you become unable to work. A claim can be made if you find yourself unable to work due to physical injury, surgery, illness, or even mental issues, including depression. The funds you receive on a long or short-term basis allow you to take care of your family, pay medical bills, and have the money you need to thrive until you are able to work again. If you are worried about getting your disability claim approved in an appropriate time frame, here are ways you can get your funds faster.

Get a lawyer

A lawyer is helpful in filing any disability claim because they know just how to fill out the many forms and documents you will be subject to. You will need to fill out the following:

  • medical reports relaying your injury
  • proof that your mental or physical disability keeps you from work
  • income verification that shows your current/previous earnings
  • doctor information/medication/treatment you receive

If any documents are missing or not filed correctly, then your claim can be stalled or discontinued, and you will want legal aide to help you keep track of your filing status. A lawyer can quickly catch any red flags that may keep your disability claim from going through.

Don't be afraid to appeal

Any disability claim that you file must be approved by the insurance agency, and any missing information or potentially misleading paperwork can halt the process or even cause you to start your claim all over again. You should file an appeal on your claim if you do not hear anything about your disability benefits within a few weeks of filing, especially if you have filled out all the required paperwork and there is no reason for a stall. Your lawyer can help you with the appeals process.

Keep in touch with your doctor

If your doctor has not cleared you to go back to work, this means that you have a medical professional reaffirming that you are unable to work. Since this status can change at any time and your insurance company will want to keep tabs on your health status, it's important to stay in contact with your doctor so you will know soonest just how long you will be able to claim disability for. This helps you when filing to determine if you will be getting short or long-term benefits as well. The more you communicate with your doctor and provide current information regarding your claim, the more credible your case will appear, which can lead to quicker approval.

Getting disability insurance helps you have peace of mind in the event of an accident, injury, or other situation that prevents you from being able to work. If you ever need to file a claim, a lawyer can help you get the funds you need much sooner.


19 October 2016

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