Being Careful When You Purchase A Bail Bond

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Learning that a relative or friend has been arrested for a serious crime can strike confusion and fear into your heart. You might spring into action, seeking out the amount of their bail and figuring out how to cover those costs. Bail bondsmen can help you to take care of this, but in your haste you could overlook some issues that could mean financial trouble and other problems for you. The advice that follows can help you to be careful and considerate when purchasing a bail bond.

Understand that Bondsmen Don't Automatically Take a Case

One of the things you've got to know right away is that bail bondsmen do their own investigations before they agree to help someone with a bail bond. It is not a guarantee that they will agree, as they need to determine whether they think your loved one is a decent risk. You might expect a few hours or a few days to hear back from one bondsman, only to be turned down.

That's why it's important to consult more than one bondsman. Interview with a few each day until you get a positive response.

Be Wary of Bondsmen Who Promise Quick Turnarounds

While a good bondsman can certainly navigate the criminal justice system in an efficient manner, it is vital to realize that quick turnarounds might not something a bondsman can promise. Even if they work quickly, a particular facility might be having some issues with your loved one's case or simply be taking longer to process bail requests than usual. Anyone who promises that things will go quickly may not be speaking from a place of knowledge.

Ask About Combining Bond Costs

If your friend or relative is out on bail, they must take care not to get into additional legal trouble while they wait for their court date. However, sometimes people are unable to do this and find themselves getting additional charges. How does that affect you?

If you've found a bondsman you like, you might seek an additional bail bond to help your relative or friend. That will mean that you'll pay additional fees on top of the fees and costs you're already paying for the original bond you took out. Find a bondsman who is willing to combine bonds so you'll only pay administrative fees for one bond that covers all the charges.

Now that you've got somewhat of a better understanding of what you should be looking for and paying attention to when you buy a bail bond for someone you care for, use the information here to assist you as you deal with bail bonds. Talk to a number local bondsmen to be certain you're getting a fair deal. For more information, see a website such as


7 November 2016

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