Injured In A Car Accident? Three Things To Avoid Doing

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A car accident that causes an injury will leave you with many decisions that need to be made. Making the wrong decision could impact the potential settlement you receive in the end to help pay for your injury. That said, there are certainly some actions you want to avoid doing that will be in your own best interests, such as:

Avoid Shrugging Off Your Injury

After sustaining an injury, your initial instincts may be to shrug it off. The hope is that you are not really injured, so you may be tempted to downplay how hurt you are in hope that the injury isn't that bad. Be aware that this could limit your compensation down the road if your injury ends up being worse than it really is.

Immediately following an accident, it is common to be in a state of shock. You must realize that it is possible for injuries to gradually get worse over time. If you try to show that your injury is not that bad, the person that caused the injury may see this as you faking the damage caused.

Avoid Admitting Guilt

A car accident can happen quickly, often without you realizing what happened until well after the crash. Another mistake may be to blame yourself for the accident, even though you do not know the full story behind what happened.

For example, the other driver may have been speeding or drove through a stop sign that you are not aware of. Just to be safe, you should never admit guilt to anybody after the accident. Wait for the stories to come out so you can decide if you share any responsibility in the accident.

It helps to talk to eyewitnesses immediately after to help put some pieces of the puzzle together. You can also request a copy of the police report to see what the other driver reported to the police.

Avoid Representing Yourself

There is a lot on the line when you have a personal injury claim against another driver. While you may be tempted to represent yourself in court, this could be a big mistake. You will want the experience of a lawyer on your side that handles personal injuries due to car accidents. You may find that they will be able to help you get more money from your injury lawsuit than you would on your own because a lawyer knows how much your injury is really worth.

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30 October 2017

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