Two Reasons Your Family Doctor May Refuse To Treat Your Auto Accident Injuries

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When people are hurt in vehicle accidents, their first instinct will be to go to their normal doctors for treatment. However, many are shocked to find their doctors refusing to treat them once the healthcare providers learn they were involved in vehicle accidents. If you are in this situation, here are some reasons why this occurs and how to deal with the issue:

Why Doctors Refuse to Tend to Your Injuries

There are a few reasons why doctors refuse to treat vehicle accident victims, even though they may already have a relationship with the patients. First, there's a risk the doctor will be called upon to testify in court—or at least give a deposition—about the victim's injuries and treatment. Many family doctors don't have experience with court cases, and others just don't want to have that responsibility placed on their shoulders. Thus, the easiest way for them to avoid having to deal with this issue is to refer the patient to someone else.

Second, when it comes to vehicle accidents, it's the auto insurance that usually pays the victim's medical bills. However, doctors typically deal with healthcare insurance providers, and your doctor specifically may not know how to handle submitting a bill to an auto insurer. The medical professional may be concerned he or she won't get paid as a result.

Dealing with a Reticent Doctor

When your doctor tells you he or she is not comfortable treating your car accident injuries and wants to refer you to someone else, the first thing you should do is ask why. If he or she voices concerns about being called into court, you should probably heed his or her words and ask for a referral to a doctor who does have experience dealing with vehicle accident vehicles.

It may seem counterintuitive to do this. However, compensation for your injuries will hinge on your doctor's evaluation. You need to be sure you have someone in your corner who can collect the evidence needed to support your claims and who isn't afraid to go head to head with a defense attorney if need be. The last thing you want is a medical professional who is easily spooked and may throw you under the bus the moment he or she is challenged or threatened.

On the other hand, if the doctor says he or she is concerned about getting paid for the services he or she provides, you can provide the doctor with a letter of protection. This is essentially a legal document that guarantees the doctor will get paid from any settlement funds received when the case is resolved. This can alleviate your doctor's concerns and make him or her more comfortable treating you.

For more information about this issue or help with your accident case, contact a personal injury attorney.


28 November 2017

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