Pros And Cons Of Living In An Extended Stay Hotel During A Divorce

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It's common for one spouse to leave the family home during a divorce. Because it may take some time until he or she can get a permanent place to live, this spouse may reside in an extendedvstay hotel for a period of weeks. If you're in this position and you have children, your kids may frequently visit you in your hotel. (Even if the local family court hasn't ruled on custody, your spouse and you may decide that sharing custody is suitable in this situation.) Here are some pros and cons of your temporary living environment in terms of how it may relate to your children.

Pro: It's An Environment Without Memories

It can be in your children's best interest and your best interest to spend time together in an environment that doesn't contain memories of the last rocky months or years. When you reside in an extended stay hotel, it's a fresh, new place that your children can create new memories with you in. This can often be more pleasing to them than only seeing you in the family home.

Con: It May Not Feel Like "Home"

On the other side of the equation is the fact that your extended stay hotel room won't really feel like home. Even if your children are living with you there — perhaps spending one out of every two weeks with you — they may constantly feel as though they're staying in a hotel, rather than in a proper residence. As such, they may prefer spending their time with your ex-spouse if he or she is staying in your old family home.

Pro: It Can Seem Like An Adventure

Many children find that it's exciting to stay in hotels, especially if they haven't frequently done so. While your children will be in emotional turmoil as a result of the divorce, they may find some degree of excitement in visiting you in your hotel. Whether they like swimming in the indoor pool or visiting the on-site tennis court, this environment can be ideal for injecting some fun into your children's lives at a difficult time.

Con: It Can Get Costly

Divorces can be costly, and if you don't have a lot of money to begin with, spending your money on an extended stay hotel might not be the best idea. You'll be spending money on your accommodations that you could otherwise use for your children in a variety of ways, for example. As the weeks go on and perhaps turn into months, you may find that a large percentage of your finances are tied up in hotel rent. In this scenario, you might be better off living with a family member. Depending on how you feel about the pros versus the cons, you may wish to consult your divorce attorney to get his or her feedback on other living arrangements.

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29 July 2018

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