Why Shouldn't You Go It Alone in DUI Court?

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In the weeks that follow your arrest for driving after you've been drinking, you might have done some deep soul-searching. You might have decided to come clean and just admit wrongdoing. You may be ready to take responsibility and hope that your candor will resonate with the judge and they'll be lenient. You might not even be planning to contact a DUI attorney. However, this can be dangerous. Why shouldn't you go it alone?

You Don't Know DUI Law

It might seem obvious that you don't know the ins and outs of DUI case law; you're not a lawyer. However, being unaware of specifics can be risky. For example, you may not realize that the online information you found doesn't relate to your state. You might not understand how broad a judge's power is regarding punishment. You might expect something that is totally unrealistic—and regret your decision to avoid legal help.

You Don't Know What to Question

Knowing the laws isn't the only thing that's important. Working within those laws to question the officer's claims and reduce possible jail time is also vital. The only advocate you'll have inside the courtroom is an attorney; without one, you're the only one who is protecting your interests. As an untrained party, you likely don't know what to even say to the arresting officer to put their testimony in doubt. Therefore, even if the police officer shouldn't have pulled you over, without anyone to raise that point, you could still be convicted. A lawyer will be able to apply and use laws inside the courtroom for you.

You Don't Know the Judge

While the law is paramount inside any courtroom, the judge does have some freedom in how they deliver justice. Without knowing the judge's legal history, you might not know how to negotiate with them or petition them for minor punishment. DUI lawyers who present cases regularly likely understand the preferences and actions of the judges who hear these cases. That can work to your personal advantage.

You May Have Prior Convictions

If you've been in some legal or criminal situations before, no matter how much you truly want to make amends for the DUI arrest, you could be risking serious jail time. In such a case, an attorney is crucial for avoiding severe punishments.

Speak to a DUI attorney to discover why their help is better than going it alone in DUI court. With some convincing, you may recognize that attorney assistance is key.


23 May 2019

Do You Understand The Law?

When it comes to your personal rights, how much do you really understand the law. About ten years ago, I realized that I didn't really understand my rights when I was accused of something that I knew I didn't do. I could tell that I needed to work with a lawyer who had a better understanding of what I was up against, so I contacted a local team that could help. They were really incredible to work with, and I was impressed with how well they were able to fight the charges. This blog is here for anyone struggling with legal drama.