Ruining Your Personal Injury Case: Actions To Avoid


When you're dealing with an animal bite, accident or some other event that has caused injury, it's understandable that not only are you injured, but are upset about the situation. You might have had to miss work and incur medical expenses. Suing someone, for personal injury reasons, and hoping for a helpful settlement might be a natural decision, but making mistakes could jeopardize your efforts. What is best to avoid?

1. Waiting to Start

In the back of your mind, you might be planning to call a lawyer or start a lawsuit. However, waiting is likely, when you don't feel great or are trying to heal. The problem is that, without knowing, you could wait so long that deadlines are missed and you can't take whatever legal actions you were planning. Therefore, you should always be calling courts or attorneys to ensure that claims or lawsuits are still possible. Respect time limits.

2. Meeting the Defendant

Once you've named someone as the sole defendant in your case, you might still want to meet them one-on-one, especially if you know them personally. You may hope to make them apologize, or you might be so upset that confronting them seems necessary. Going to their house or contacting them through email or the phone is not wise; however you expect such a scene to unfold, the end result could be bad for everyone.

Therefore, whatever you'd like to say to them, contact them through your personal lawyer. In fact, you shouldn't even talk to their friends or any representatives of theirs, without your attorney around. That way, you can feel certain that you're keeping things appropriate and legally advantageous.

3. Talking Online

Posting online through different social media sites is done by almost everyone. In fact, you might have some fun at others' expense, when you read about the drama taking place in other people's lives. However, when you're embroiled in a legal situation yourself, you should try to keep the drama to a minimum. You should not talk about the other person, the case, or anything to do with the situation. If you do, their lawyers and investigators working on their behalf could bring that in as evidence against you.

With all the effort you're putting into your lawsuit, you should be especially careful to avoid any of these errors. Calling your personal injury attorney should allow you to remain on the right side of legal issues.


28 June 2019

Do You Understand The Law?

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