Things Your Car Accident Attorney Might Want You To Do

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When you are injured in an automobile accident and you have retained a car accident attorney to represent you in a lawsuit, you might think that everything should go smoothly for you, legally speaking. After all, you were not the at-fault driver, and you are the one that has sustained injuries. The thing is though, there is a chance that the at-fault driver will have their own attorney to not just defend themselves, but to try to ruin your credibility. Therefore, your attorney might want you to do the following:

Don't Skip Appointments

Even if you are starting to feel better or you find yourself thinking that rescheduling your appointments is no big deal, you will want to stick with all of your medical appointments as they are scheduled. The reason for this is because the attorney that represents the at-fault driver might try to make it appear as though you could not possibly be as injured as you claim in your court papers; otherwise, you'd never miss an appointment. You don't want to give them any reason to try to make that claim in court.

Refrain From Outdoor Activities

It might just be your one arm that is badly injured, so you can drag the garbage can with the other arm. However, that is not something you want to do. You do not want to be caught outside doing anything that could be considered strenuous. The reason is that the other attorney might have taken it upon themselves to hire a private detective, who will be watching your every move. The goal is to snap pictures of you that will make it appear as though you are not as injured as you claim or possibly that you are faking it all. You and your attorney know that you are truly injured, so you don't want to give the other side anything to use against you.

Making sure that you are following the suggestions of your car accident attorney is very important. You might have some financial problems because of missed work, and there is a good chance that you are going to have a lot of medical bills arriving in your mailbox soon, if they haven't started showing up already. You want to ensure that your case is rock solid. This way, the at-fault driver can be held accountable and be made to give you the financial compensation that you deserve.


27 July 2019

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