5 Examples Of Gender Discrimination In A Warehouse Setting

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Gender discrimination is often deemed an outdated issue. However, even in a workplace as simple as a warehouse, gender discrimination does take place. Here are a few examples of this form of discrimination that may deserve a discussion with a gender discrimination law service. 

1. Women are not allowed to help in certain departments. 

If women are not allowed to perform work just the same as men, or vice versa, this can sometimes be deemed as gender discrimination. For example, if women are not hired for or placed at the loading docks, this could be unfair treatment. Exceptions can apply in some workplaces. For example, if there are health hazards to women in a certain area exist that would not be a risk for men, it may be acceptable to assign gender-specific roles. 

2. Men are always assigned specific, heavier-duty roles.  

If all the men in the warehouse work in the areas that involve heavy lifting and harder work and the easier jobs are reserved for females, this can be a form of discrimination. For instance, if you are a man and an opening comes up that you should be eligible for in a packing department, but the job is assigned to a woman instead, in spite of your eligibility, discrimination could be at play. 

3. Women make less than men when they are hired. 

Fair wages between genders is a big problem in certain employment environments. If the women who get hired on at a warehouse are automatically given a lower wage because it is assumed they cannot work as hard, this would be a form of gender discrimination. 

4. Private employee parties are hosted by the employer for a specific gender only. 

If the owner of the warehouse hosts something like a holiday party or employee event and states only men or women are welcome, this is a form of discrimination due to gender. All employees should expect and get fair treatment even when it comes to extracurricular activities hosted outside of work for employees. 

5. More facilities exist for women than men in the warehouse. 

It really doesn't matter if women outnumber men within the warehouse workplace, the number of available facilities for both should be relatively the same. For example, if there are five bathrooms available for females and only one for men, so the men are forced to stand in line and wait for a restroom, this could potentially be deemed as discrimination.

For help dealing with situations where you have noticed this kind of discrimination, contact a provider of gender discrimination law services near you today.


20 December 2019

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