The Impact Of Your Clothing On A Judge And Jury

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If you are called to municipal court, you may wonder what your next steps are. Even if you hire a municipal court attorney, you may have a lot of questions. Your attorney may advise that you dress well for court, but what does this mean?

The clothing you wear to court can impact your case, even if you do not realize it until you see the outcome of your case. This is why you need to wear clothing your attorney recommends.

Your Clothing May Bias a Jury's Opinion of Your Personality

Human nature is to judge one's appearance, even if most people try not to judge. This means that you need to wear clothing that can impress but does not give the jury a negative impression.

For example, a jury may be more inclined to believe somebody is smart because they are wearing glasses, or they may be more inclined to believe an individual did not commit a traffic offense because they look successful.

Your municipal court attorney knows some preconceptions a judge or jury may have about clothing options, so you should take their advice about wearing glasses, colors, and other types of clothing.

Your Clothing May Impact Your Credibility

One thing that your municipal court attorney is considered about is your credibility. You appear more credible when you are dressed in a way that is attractive. For example, the jury may judge you poorly if you are wearing clothing that does not fit well.

In another example, an individual accused of a money-related crime would be advised by their municipal court attorney not to wear an expensive watch or necklace to the court case. Likewise, somebody fighting a speeding ticket shouldn't show up in a racing-branded TV shirt.

Your attorney may ask you what you intend to wear to court. They are not trying to match with you. They are trying to build an idea of what kind of credibility your clothing can bring to the courtroom.

Talk to Your Municipal Court Attorney

A good impression can go a long way in court. Your attorney has likely seen many cases like yours in which the judge or jury treated somebody differently because of the clothes they were wearing. Showing respect for the courts is crucial even if you have an attorney who can help you through your court case.

Are you unsure about the right attire for your court case? Are you unsure what other steps you need to take to make a good impression? Speak with a municipal court attorney to learn more about proceeding with your case.


18 September 2020

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