Keys To Handling A Collapsed Stairwell Injury Around Commercial Property

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Accidents around commercial properties happen a lot. One of the more severe is when a stairway collapses. If you were injured in this sort of accident, taking these measures is important if you're pursuing a personal injury claim. 

Review Conditions Around Accident Site

Before you get taken to the hospital to have your injuries treated or you take yourself, take some time to review conditions that you're surrounded by. Making a note of them and documenting them may not seem relevant at the time, but they could be key in this personal injury claim.

If you hire a personal injury attorney, they can take what you've collected and use it as evidence to move forward in litigation. Whereas if you just left the accident site, things may get disturbed and that prevents there from being as much relevant evidence for your case.

Fill Out an Accident Report Quickly

After this stairway collapse accident, you want it going on the books as quickly as possible. You'll then have an easier time keeping details straight and you can start the personal injury claim process right away.

Someone that represents the commercial property will gather your statements. Tell them what happened and make sure they fill out the report just as you tell them to.

At the end, get a copy of this report so that the commercial business representative can't claim you never made an official report. You'll have legal documentation showing you did.

Let an Attorney Deal With Technical Details

There are a lot of technical details involved in stairway accidents that you probably won't be familiar with. You won't have to question them or worry about them hindering your personal injury claim if you find legal representation.

Find a lawyer accustomed to dealing with stairwell accidents. They'll understand the relevant conditions and factors at play. They'll also know terminology regarding these special types of accidents, which is important for responding the right ways after the accident is over.

One of these attorneys will keep everything straight and keep you updated as far as what will happen next, allowing you to rest and recover.

Personal injuries involving stairwell collapses can be pretty brutal, especially for those that fall great distances. If you were affected by one and plan to take legal action against the property owner or perhaps the construction company that had the stairwells built, make sure you know what will give you the best odds of receiving compensation.


16 November 2020

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