Car Accident Lawyer: Four Services They Can Provide For You

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After an accident, motorists are encouraged to file injury or damage claims to get compensation. However, insurance companies have teams of lawyers and assessors who evaluate the claims and determine how much compensation they should allocate to your claims.

As a result, motorists get encouraged to have a car accident attorney present while filling the claims.

Here are four additional services a car accident attorney provides.

1. Communicate With Insurance Companies

If your vehicle gets damaged in an accident where the other driver was at fault, you are eligible for compensation by the other driver's insurance provider. Thus, it is up to your car accident lawyer to open a communication line with the insurance company to start deliberations with the adjuster regarding your claim. It is best to have your accident lawyer commence the communication to handle the matter as professionally as possible regarding the protocols set forth by the law.

2. Collecting Evidence to Build a Case

Insurance companies will only pay out compensation for damages if you can prove that their client caused the accident. Therefore, even if the other motorist agrees they were at fault for causing the accident, you need to provide sufficient evidence to prove your case.

A key duty of an accident lawyer is to collect evidence that supports your claim. The evidence includes the police report of the accident, including pictures of the scene of the accident. Additionally, it is up to your lawyer to track down witnesses who saw the accident happen so that they can testify if need be. Thus your lawyer must collect sufficient evidence of liability to build your case.

3. Obtain Medical Records as Proof of Injury

Medical records are considered very confidential, and thus obtaining your medical record after an accident to prove your injuries is not easy. Though you may not be able to access your medical record directly, you can authorize your lawyer to request the records on your behalf. The authorization will need to be in writing and not a verbal request.

 It is essential to note that insurance companies will only compensate for your injuries if you can prove that the injuries occurred during the accident. Hence, the importance of a medical record as proof of the injuries sustained.

Sometimes, due to a person's medical records' sensitive nature, some health care providers may deny the request. If the medical facility you attended refuses to hand over the medical records, then your lawyer will have to subpoena the records via a court of law.

4. Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Negotiation is a delicate art, and thus when dealing with insurance companies, it is best to have your car accident attorney do all the talking on your behalf.

As mentioned earlier, insurance companies aim to pay out as little compensation as possible. Hence, if you are not comfortable with the amount they offer as compensation, you should have your lawyer renegotiate the amount. A good car accident lawyer knows how much the damage claim is worth, and thus they will not let you get shorted on your claim.

To learn more, contact a car accident lawyer in your area today.


16 April 2021

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