Three Things That Are Out Of The Control Of A Bail Bonds Company

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Once a loved one has called to inform you that they have been arrested, you may immediately call around to emergency bail bonds companies with the hope of posting bail and getting your loved one out of jail. However, many people have many misconceptions about bail bonds companies and what exactly they can control when it comes to bail. Here are three things that emergency bail bonds companies have no control over. 

The Amount Bail is Set Out or Whether Bail is Set

A bail bonds company cannot control whether bail is set for your loved one, nor can they control the amount bail is set at. That is up to the courts. Most inmates have a bail hearing, and during this hearing, bail will be set or bail will be denied. If bail is set too high or if bail is denied, a public defender or a defense attorney can work with your family to schedule another bail hearing and make an argument to lower bail or get bail granted. A bail bonds company cannot help until bail has been set. 

How Quickly Your Loved One is Released Once Bail is Posted

Another common misconception pertaining to bail bonds companies is that they can control when someone is released. 24/7 bail bonds companies can post bail on behalf of your loved one day or night. However, once bail is posted, the jail has to go through the process of releasing your loved one. In most counties, jails have up to 24 hours to process releases. So, while a bail company can post bail quickly, they have no control over what time your loved one will be released. 

Restrictions Related to the Release of Your Loved One

The final thing that a bail bonds company does not do is control the restrictions that the courts give pertaining to bail releases. For example, your loved one may be required to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet while out on bail. A bail bondsperson can impose their own restrictions, but they cannot help you change or alter any restrictions that the courts set. 

If your loved one has already been given a bond amount, emergency bail bonds can be posted around the clock to help your loved one get out of jail as quickly as possible. A bail bonds company can work with you to determine if bail has been set, how much has been set for bail, and what the conditions of your loved one's release on bail are. Contact a bail bonds business, such as Bail Busters, to learn more. 


26 July 2021

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