3 Defenses At-Fault Parties Use To Defend Themselves After Causing A Vehicle Collision

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Being implicated in causing an auto collision attracts severe consequences. Therefore, the wrongdoer in your accident may try to raise different arguments to prevent prosecution. But the good thing is that you can get justice by working with a professional car accident lawyer. They will get experienced investigators to determine the true cause of the crash. They will use the report or any other evidence linking the at-fault party to the crash, ensuring the culprit is held liable. Here are three defenses wrongdoers use to defend themselves after causing a vehicle collision.

They Argue That a Pedestrian Jumped Out Unexpectedly Onto the Road

The law gives every road user the right to freely use the part of the road designated for them, whether walking, riding, or driving. However, some drivers feel entitled to the entire road, believing that they don't have to share the road with pedestrians. As a result, they drive recklessly, even occupying designated pedestrian paths. Unfortunately, they hit innocent people and accuse them of jumping into the road unexpectedly. Your lawyer can help you fight this allegation by getting video evidence from surveillance cameras from nearby buildings. They will help to prove that you were walking along the pedestrian designated area when the accident happened.

They Argue That They Were Not Familiar With the Road

Some drivers face challenges when driving for the first time in a different town, putting them at risk of causing collisions. For example, they face challenges navigating sharp corners hitting other vehicles and road users. When this happens, they argue that they were not familiar with the road because they came from another city. However, this is not a valid excuse for causing a collision. Therefore, you can sue a driver even if they claim they caused the vehicle collision because they had challenges driving through the city. Your legal advisor will use traffic regulations to prove that your state's traffic laws are similar to those used in the wrongdoer's city. And they will argue that the at-fault party should have prevented the accident if they had followed the same rules.

They Argue That the Other Driver Was Partly to Blame for the Crash

A conviction for causing a car crash means that the at-fault driver may face a jail sentence or pay a fine. Besides, the court will order them to compensate the complainant with a payment that can sufficiently cater to their injuries and damages. That explains why many wrongdoers accuse the other driver of playing a part in the accident to try and lower the severity of the fault, thus, reducing their sentence and the payment they owe the complainant. Your attorney can help investigate the accident to prove that the wrongdoer was entirely to blame in such a case.

None of the arguments above is a good reason for the wrongdoer to escape punishment after causing an accident. A car accident attorney can help you get evidence to fight them.


19 April 2022

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