Hit in the Head While Working? Take Your Time Recovering

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If you got a concussion or another form of traumatic brain injury while you were working, your employer may pressure you to return before you're ready. This happens in a number of industries, whether you're an elementary school teacher or a factory worker. However, returning to work before you're ready can jeopardize your physical and mental health. With that in mind, take your time recovering and reach out to a workers comp attorney for help navigating your situation.

Why do employers expect you to come back to work with a brain injury?

A brain injury is often an invisible ailment, which means you may look perfectly fine to others even though you are struggling with symptoms such as dizziness, memory loss, headaches, and cognitive problems. As a result, your employer may not understand why you are still on leave from your position if you seem fine. They may threaten your job if you don't return quickly, and this isn't always an empty threat. That's why you need help protecting your rights from a workers comp attorney.

What happens if you return to work too soon?

Recovery looks different for every individual with a brain injury. Some people recover in just a few weeks, while others need months or even years to get back to their pre-injury lifestyle.

There are a few reasons why returning to work before you're ready can be dangerous:

- Returning to work too soon could aggravate your symptoms, making it harder to heal fully

- You are at risk of getting additional injuries if you are experiencing brain fog, fatigue, or similar symptoms

- If your employer is pressuring you to return before you're ready, they may not be providing a safe work environment

What should you do if you're pressured to return to work?

If you're being pressured by your employer to return to work before you're ready, reach out to a workers comp attorney for help. Your workers comp lawyer can advise you on your legal rights and help you navigate the workers compensation system.

Don't try to deal with this situation on your own, especially if you're still recovering from a brain injury. You deserve time to focus on your recovery.

When should you contact a workers comp attorney?

Reach out to a workers comp attorney ASAP if you feel like your needs are not being addressed by your employer or your job is in jeopardy after a brain injury. You have the right to heal on your own time without worrying about your employer's demands, and a workers comp lawyer can help. 


20 June 2022

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