Keys To Handling A Collapsed Stairwell Injury Around Commercial Property

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Accidents around commercial properties happen a lot. One of the more severe is when a stairway collapses. If you were injured in this sort of accident, taking these measures is important if you're pursuing a personal injury claim.  Review Conditions Around Accident Site Before you get taken to the hospital to have your injuries treated or you take yourself, take some time to review conditions that you're surrounded by. Making a note of them and documenting them may not seem relevant at the time, but they could be key in this personal injury claim.

16 November 2020

Filing a Lawsuit after a Pulmonary Fibrosis Diagnosis

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Pulmonary fibrosis is a serious disease of the lung linked to asbestos. If you are diagnosed with this condition, you may have a legal case on your hands. For years, people like you have been dealing with the impact of lung disease, including pulmonary fibrosis. If you are considering a case with a lung disease lawyer, you may have some questions. These answers will help you. 1. What Is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

19 October 2020

The Impact Of Your Clothing On A Judge And Jury

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If you are called to municipal court, you may wonder what your next steps are. Even if you hire a municipal court attorney, you may have a lot of questions. Your attorney may advise that you dress well for court, but what does this mean? The clothing you wear to court can impact your case, even if you do not realize it until you see the outcome of your case. This is why you need to wear clothing your attorney recommends.

18 September 2020

How Liability Is Determined In Injury Cases

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When you discuss a case with a personal injury lawyer, a lot of the conversation boils down to the concept of liability. In American law, this goes beyond the simple idea that a person is responsible for something bad happening. Liability implies that the defendant had a duty to prevent something they were responsible for from occurring. For a personal injury attorney, this means every case has to be broken down into its pieces to determine who is liable.

17 August 2020

Child-Centered Divorce: What It Is, What It Means, And Why It's Important

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When two adults decide they no longer wish to be married, it can be as simple as parting ways and moving on with your life. However, when two adults who are married and share a child, parting ways is not such a simple process. You can get a divorce, and you can part ways, but the child between you is a tie that will always bind you, and that does not have to be a bad situation.

17 July 2020

3 Key Advantages of Chapter 13 vs. Liquidation

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When you speak with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer about petitioning the court, the goal is to get your current finances under control. This is distinct from the Chapter 7 process, sometimes called liquidation, where the goal is to sell all of your disposable assets to settle up with your creditors and start fresh. Each process is meant for a distinct type of debtor, and it's important to understand why Chapter 13 might have some advantages for particular people.

17 June 2020

How to File a Lawsuit Against a Friend

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Filing a lawsuit for personal injury is difficult enough. However, when the defendant is a friend or family member, filing a lawsuit will be even more difficult. You may not want to damage the relationship that you have with your friend, but you also don't deserve to be forced to foot the bill for medical expenses resulting from an accident. You Will Likely Be Suing the Insurance Provider If you are seeking compensation from your friend's insurance provider, you are not suing him or her directly.

14 May 2020

Car Accident Attorney: Negotiating With Insurance Companies

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When you're involved in an auto accident, your primary goal is to feel whole again. Knowing how to negotiate with auto insurance companies can feeling overwhelming, especially after a stressful situation like a car accident. Here are some of the ways that you can get a fair deal from auto insurance companies. Insurance Adjuster The driver who is found at fault in the accident bears the liability for any injuries or damages you sustained in the accident.

9 April 2020

3 Factors That Can Promote Leniency In Capital Cases

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Capital cases are one of the hardest criminal trials, both in terms of the guilt/innocence phase and punishment. Sometimes, what you do before and during the trial can mean the difference between life and death for the defendant. Defendant Coaching If the defendant will take the stand at any point during the trial or sentencing phase, they should be prepared with coaching. Part of coaching may be altering the look of the defendant so they appear less threatening to the jury.

10 March 2020

Hiring Life Sentence Consulting Services

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When you're sentenced to a long stretch of time, there comes a time that you need to accept this reality and begin adjusting to the next phase of life in front of you. While paroles may be a possibility, you will need to come to grips with your prison sentence so that you can survive on the inside and look after your safety and well-being. This is particularly important if you are convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

28 January 2020