Your Right To An Attorney And Why It's So Important

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Anyone accused of a crime has the right to legal representation whether they can afford the criminal defense law attorney or not. This is a right guaranteed in the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution, and it is designed to give everyone a chance at proving their own innocence if standing trial for a crime. For some people, a public defender is the only option. A public defender has the skills you need to defend your case, but they are often overworked.

29 August 2019

Things Your Car Accident Attorney Might Want You To Do

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When you are injured in an automobile accident and you have retained a car accident attorney to represent you in a lawsuit, you might think that everything should go smoothly for you, legally speaking. After all, you were not the at-fault driver, and you are the one that has sustained injuries. The thing is though, there is a chance that the at-fault driver will have their own attorney to not just defend themselves, but to try to ruin your credibility.

27 July 2019

Ruining Your Personal Injury Case: Actions To Avoid


When you're dealing with an animal bite, accident or some other event that has caused injury, it's understandable that not only are you injured, but are upset about the situation. You might have had to miss work and incur medical expenses. Suing someone, for personal injury reasons, and hoping for a helpful settlement might be a natural decision, but making mistakes could jeopardize your efforts. What is best to avoid?

28 June 2019

Why Shouldn't You Go It Alone in DUI Court?

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In the weeks that follow your arrest for driving after you've been drinking, you might have done some deep soul-searching. You might have decided to come clean and just admit wrongdoing. You may be ready to take responsibility and hope that your candor will resonate with the judge and they'll be lenient. You might not even be planning to contact a DUI attorney. However, this can be dangerous. Why shouldn't you go it alone?

23 May 2019

Not So Fast! Slowing Your Personal Injury Case Down

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If you have become the victim of a careless driver, you may be eager to be compensated for your damages. It's easy to see why – in many cases, your financial situation has suffered a blow due to missing work. Additionally, almost everyone knows that you must file your personal injury case within a certain period of time to abide by the statute of limitations. Read on to find out why the timing has to be "

17 March 2019

Career-Related Dos And Don'Ts Of Declaring Bankruptcy

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If you feel as though a declaration of bankruptcy is in your future, there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about this process. You'll want to consult with a legal professional to better understand the process of declaring bankruptcy. This is especially true if you're currently employed or are actively look for work — something that may be possible, even if you're thinking about bankruptcy. Here are some career-related dos and don'ts of declaring bankruptcy.

17 March 2019

3 Things To Know Before Volunteering With A Child Affairs Charity

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Some children face a higher risk of falling into a life of crime. These children often have parents who are unable or unwilling to meet the care needs of each child. Child affairs charities help to fill in these gaps left by absent or neglectful family members. If you want to help save young people from a lifelong battle with crime, then you should consider volunteering for a child affairs charity.

5 February 2019