Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys: How Can They Help?

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People take their elderly loved ones to nursing homes to ensure they get the highest professional care. Caregivers in nursing homes have a duty to offer help with daily living activities, social engagement, recovery from medical treatment, and ensure the safety of their residents. Thus, a breach of these duties violates the law and their contract of service, and they should face legal action. Various signs, including complaints about services, unexplained injuries, worsening medical conditions, and untidiness, indicate that your loved one is not receiving the best care. If you notice such issues, immediately notify the authorities and contact a nursing home neglect attorney to help take action against the facility. This piece describes a nursing home neglect attorney and the cases they handle. 

Who's a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney? 

Also referred to as nursing home abuse lawyers, nursing home neglect attorneys specialize in filing claims and seeking compensation against nursing home facilities for neglect and abuse of their residents. To be successful in your claims, you have to establish liability on the part of the facility for failing to meet their required standard of care. It isn't easy to pursue such claims without proper knowledge of the law, legal procedures, and evidence requirements. The following are examples of claims a nursing home abuse attorney can help litigate.

Medical Negligence

Nursing homes have registered medics, including nurses and physicians, who should perform their duties with the same level of care as they would in hospitals. Similarly, medical negligence in nursing homes results from the medical professionals' actions or omissions in providing medical assistance resulting in further health problems for the residents. Examples of negligent acts include failure to administer medication and care, misdiagnosis, wrong prescriptions, etc. 


One of nursing homes' primary functions is assisting with daily activities such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, mobility, etc. Failure to adequately provide these services even though you pay for them amounts to neglect, resulting in poor living conditions and health deterioration of seniors. An attorney helps you gather evidence of neglect and file for compensation. 

Verbal Physical and Sexual Abuse

Senior adults are susceptible to caregivers' verbal, physical, and sexual abuse since they depend on them to do their daily activities. Verbal abuse includes caregivers' threats, yelling, screaming, creating fear, and intimidating seniors. Physical abuse is actions that cause bodily injuries and pain to seniors. It entails slapping, choking, kicking, shoving, etc. Sexual abuse includes unwanted sexual comments and contact with residents.


Are you suspecting your loved one is neglected or abused in a nursing home? Contact an attorney to help file claims against the facility and get justice for them. To learn more about this topic, contact a lawyer near you.


5 October 2022

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