Don't Let These Common Motor Accident Hold-Ups Get To You

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It's not always a simple matter to be paid what you should after an accident. If the other driver is at fault, their insurance company may use several common defensive moves. Being prepared is important so that you don't get discouraged. In most cases, the below defensive moves can be easily combated by a motor accident lawyer. Find out more and be ready for what they throw at you.

You caused the accident

It can be surprising and upsetting to be accused of causing an accident. However, you could be liable for all the accident costs if that happens. Speak to a personal injury lawyer right away. You need to show that you were not at fault using witness statements, the accident report, photos, and other evidence.

You failed to get treated in time

Medical treatment is very important to your case for several reasons. Firstly, your life could depend on seeking timely medical treatment after a car accident. Secondly, taking quick action and being seen right after an accident shows that you have a legitimate physical injury. Finally, any delays in medical treatment could be seen as a deterrent to your injury status. Some injuries get worse if not treated and many will benefit from quick treatment.

If you don't get treated right away, seek treatment as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to be paid for losses. The other side could allege that your failure to get treated has made your injury worse. Since that appears to be on you, they will balk at paying for the medical treatment. Avoid this by getting treatment as soon as you can.

You are not as badly hurt as you stated in your claim

The level of injuries can affect how much you are paid for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, many victims make things difficult for themselves by posting on social media about the accident. They may make statements or post photographs that contradict their claims about being injured. Stay off social media after an accident. 

You were already injured

Preexisting injuries come up a lot after an accident. There are few people who have not been affected by a medical condition or a previous accident. However, the insurer might try to say that your present medical status has nothing to do with the most recent accident. Speak to your personal injury lawyer about differentiating between previous and recent injuries.

To find out more, speak to a motor accident lawyer.


25 January 2023

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