5 Faqs Regarding Social Security Disability Benefits

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If you are recently disabled, you are likely interested in learning more about Social Security Disability benefits through the government. With these benefits, you can continue to support yourself and your family even when you are unable to work. If you plan on applying, check out these five frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability benefits. How Long Must Your Disability Last? Social Security Disability is for long-term disabilities, which means your doctor needs to prove you are going to be unable to work for at least a year.

21 December 2017

Two Reasons Your Family Doctor May Refuse To Treat Your Auto Accident Injuries

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When people are hurt in vehicle accidents, their first instinct will be to go to their normal doctors for treatment. However, many are shocked to find their doctors refusing to treat them once the healthcare providers learn they were involved in vehicle accidents. If you are in this situation, here are some reasons why this occurs and how to deal with the issue: Why Doctors Refuse to Tend to Your Injuries

28 November 2017

Injured In A Car Accident? Three Things To Avoid Doing

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A car accident that causes an injury will leave you with many decisions that need to be made. Making the wrong decision could impact the potential settlement you receive in the end to help pay for your injury. That said, there are certainly some actions you want to avoid doing that will be in your own best interests, such as: Avoid Shrugging Off Your Injury After sustaining an injury, your initial instincts may be to shrug it off.

30 October 2017

Should Your Small Business Sue Over The Equifax Breach?

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Recently, a number of people and small businesses had their information compromised by a data breach at one of the country's three largest credit monitoring agencies. The agency in questions, Equifax offered individuals a free copy of their credit report as well as free credit monitored. However, it didn't extend the same offer to businesses. As a result, many businesses are suing. Should you contact a small business attorney and potentially join a lawsuit against this company?

3 October 2017

Difficulties In Pursuing A Product Liability Claim After Pesticide Injury

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If you have fallen ill as a result of pesticide exposure, you may be eligible for compensation if you can prove that another party's (such as the pesticide's manufacturer or retailer) negligence caused your injury. However, winning a pesticide injury claim or lawsuit isn't easy; expect to face these three hurdles: The Chemical That Hurt You May Not Be a Known Toxin The number of toxic chemicals in a typical pesticide is staggering.

27 January 2017

Important Facts That Every Informed Patient Should Know About Medical Malpractice

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In today's litigious society, it can seem as if every time you turn around, someone is always suing or threatening to sue another person. Unfortunately, that has led to many misconceptions that can impact the way you perceive certain aspects of the medical field when you believe that a mistake or deliberate error was made by a doctor or other health care provider. Therefore, it is a good idea for every informed patient to be aware of the following information when they have been injured by negligence, lack of knowledge, or a mistake by their doctor.

5 January 2017