The Primary Roles Of A Lawyer

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A lawyer offers legal services to people and businesses, but what are a lawyer's primary roles? You might wonder what lawyers do if you've never hired one before. However, if you've hired one in the past, you might have a good idea about their roles and responsibilities. If you're currently facing a legal issue, you'll be glad to learn what a lawyer's primary roles are. Hear a person's situation The first thing a lawyer does when someone needs legal help is to listen to the person's situation.

19 July 2022

Hit in the Head While Working? Take Your Time Recovering

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If you got a concussion or another form of traumatic brain injury while you were working, your employer may pressure you to return before you're ready. This happens in a number of industries, whether you're an elementary school teacher or a factory worker. However, returning to work before you're ready can jeopardize your physical and mental health. With that in mind, take your time recovering and reach out to a workers comp attorney for help navigating your situation.

20 June 2022

3 Common Types Of Medical Malpractice Claims

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Medical malpractice is when medical care actions fall below the appropriate standard of care and causes injury. You must prove four legal elements for your claim to fall under medical malpractice: The professional duty owed to you as the patient Breach of such duty Injury caused by the breach  Resulting damages Compensation considers the actual economic and noneconomic losses. The following are common types of medical malpractice claims;

23 May 2022

3 Defenses At-Fault Parties Use To Defend Themselves After Causing A Vehicle Collision

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Being implicated in causing an auto collision attracts severe consequences. Therefore, the wrongdoer in your accident may try to raise different arguments to prevent prosecution. But the good thing is that you can get justice by working with a professional car accident lawyer. They will get experienced investigators to determine the true cause of the crash. They will use the report or any other evidence linking the at-fault party to the crash, ensuring the culprit is held liable.

19 April 2022

How To Have A Felony DUI Reduced To A Misdemeanor

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When you are arrested for a DUI, you will most likely be charged with a misdemeanor. However, there are some cases where you might face a felony DUI charge. Make sure to talk to your DUI lawyer about how you can have your DUI felony reduced to a misdemeanor. The Consequences of a Felony DUI If you receive a felony DUI, you will have a felony on your record. This is more detrimental than having a misdemeanor on your record.

14 March 2022

Who Gets Custody Of A Pet During A Divorce?

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Pets are often seen as a part of the family, but a courtroom will treat a pet as a piece of property. The individual who brought the pet into the marriage is the most likely to receive the pet during a divorce, but this isn't always the case. If you feel like you will be having a tough battle over your pets, this is worth bringing up with your divorce attorney.

31 January 2022

2 Reasons To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney

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When you get behind in your bills and start to rack up a lot of debt, you may not be able to see a way to get out of it. It can be really hard for you to see a way for you to get out of the hole that you are continually falling further into. One thing that you can think about doing is filing for bankruptcy. If you decide that you want to do that, then you need to talk to an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law.

15 November 2021

Preparing To Divorce Your Partner

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Coming to the realization that it is time to divorce your spouse can be one of the most stressful conclusions to realize. While divorce can allow you to have a fresh start, it is a complicated process that will require you to be well prepared. Recognize The Need For An Attorney Even When The Divorce Is Not Contentious There is an assumption that individuals will only need to hire an attorney to assist with their divorce if they are expecting this to be a highly contentious process.

15 November 2021

3 Ways A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

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It is natural to feel overwhelmed when dealing with legal issues. If you have been charged with a crime, it can be challenging to know where to turn or what your options are. You may wonder how you will get the best possible representation and if there is any hope of success for your case. The good news is that a criminal defense lawyer can help you. They have the experience and knowledge needed to help you navigate these difficult times.

7 October 2021

The Importance Of Calling A Personal Injury Attorney Quickly After An Accident Has Happened

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One of the most common mistakes that people make in regards to personal injury cases is not calling an attorney soon after the accident that has left you injured occurred. Some people may not realize that they are severely injured right away, some people think they can handle their case on their own, and other people may not even realize they have a case right away. If you have sustained an injury and someone's actions or negligence may have caused the accident, you may have a personal injury case.

26 July 2021